We deliver workplace wellbeing and mental health support to businesses around the world. Increase productivity, combat burnout, and boost team morale with Plumm. 

What is workplace wellbeing and why is it important? 

Workplace wellbeing refers to the wellbeing of individuals within their work environment. A person may have their wellbeing taken care of at home, but if this is not reciprocated in their workspace it can have a negative impact on their overall wellbeing. Workplace wellbeing is often overlooked, leaving workforces at a higher risk for burnout, chronic stress, anxiety, and other mental health complications. Ensuring workplace wellbeing for your workforce can be greatly beneficial not only in promoting better performance, company culture, and job satisfaction, but can also buffer against mental health problems and employee dropout/resignation rates. 

Does your business need workplace wellbeing support? 

If you have noticed a decline in productivity and work performance among your employees and colleagues, or if you feel there is a need for improvement in these areas, it may be well worth your while to consider the integration of workplace wellbeing initiatives.  

Plumm offers the best in workplace wellbeing support, reaching individuals and businesses around the world since 2010. Our services are designed to increase productivity, combat burnout, and boost team morale. With Plumm, you and your employees will have unlimited access to a wide range of resources to help improve workplace wellbeing, from virtual counselling and chat therapy to meditations and on-demand, therapist-led courses – we have everything you need to get started on your workplace wellbeing journey. 

Plumm has set itself apart from other workplace wellbeing programmes through the delivery of professional services that are both affordable and accessible for workforces around the world. The services we offer have been specifically designed to be used online, making it ideal both for remote and in-office work settings. In addition, Plumm’s services adhere to strict confidentiality clauses and are provided by accredited professionals from across the globe. Collectively, Plumm’s 200+ accredited therapists and coaches speak over 20 languages, meaning that you can receive the support you need, in the language of your choice.  

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