All of us know the power communication skill holds. Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills, or if you ask me- I call it the elixir of the 21st century!

From our personal to professional space, communication has an overarching effect. Before we move on to see how we can improve our communication skills, let’s first understand what communication means.

We define communication, generally, as transferring information to produce a greater understanding of things, emotions and life-situation. However, this is an incomplete definition. Communication also includes receiving the emotion, information and intent of the other person involved in the communication. Communication is complete when the listener and the speaker both are satisfied. Clear information exchange is essential. This is the fair game, fellas!

So let’s work on our communication skills to practice effective listening, helping, conflict resolution and a myriad of things that communication can solve and improve. Here are our top online therapist-led courses that you can use to improve your communication skills:

  1. Wizard of Words: Communicate Effectively 

    communicate effectively

  2. Communication in the Home
    communication in the home

  3. Erase Communicate Barriers at Work

    communication at work

  4. The Science of Constructive Criticism 
    constructive communication and feedback

Effective Helping and Listening Skills
effective helping and listening skills

Communication opens doors to multiple opportunities. We want to make it easy for employees and leaders to become great communicators, and that is why we built HC LEARN, where we have a library of multiple courses that helps people learn and grow.