Plumm offers a wide range of employee wellbeing and workplace mental health services to help keep your employees healthy, and thriving.

What is employee wellbeing and how do you improve it?

Employee wellbeing refers to the physical and mental health of all individuals employed by a company. It is very important that employee wellbeing be looked after, as a business is nothing without its people. If employees are healthy and happy, this will reflect in the quality of their work and in their productivity rates.

You may be wondering “but what contributes to employee wellbeing?” There are many things that contribute to our wellbeing as individuals, and when it comes to the context of workplace, these are but a few of the main factors that will improve the wellbeing of an employee:

  • Good work-life balance
  • Emotional support or services offering psychological support
  • Transparency and open communication
  • Verbal or written acknowledgements of each employee’s achievements and contribution to the overall success of the company
  • Gestures showing appreciation for each individual (e.g., giving them a bonus day off to rest, sending them a gift or a card)
  • Creating awareness of mental health-related issues in the workplace so that employees can have more open conversations about it and feel more comfortable seeking help when they need it (removing the stigma)

These are just a few examples. There are many ways in which we can help our colleagues and employees feel valued, appreciated, and happy in the workspace.

Does your business need employee wellbeing services?

When companies do not have employee wellbeing services or initiatives in place it leaves many feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, confused, or sometimes even underappreciated. Sadly, this is the reality at many companies, posing challenges such as poor employee retention, decreased productivity, decreased work quality and satisfaction, and more frequent absenteeism. If your business does not yet have these services in place, and you have visibly recognised the symptoms previously mentioned, it may be time to incorporate employee wellbeing services into your business structure and company work environment.

Where can I find employee wellbeing services?

Many companies have incorporated employee wellbeing initiatives into the workspace over recent years, but there are still many businesses that have not. If your company does not yet have an employee wellbeing platform, Plumm can offer an all-in-one employee wellbeing solution to be incorporated instantly and effortlessly into your company’s EAP initiatives.

At Plumm, we focus on the holistic wellbeing of each employee, meaning that we offer support for different mental wellbeing needs, from prevention and personal growth to stress management and intervention. Our team of experienced and accredited professionals work with each client, one-on-one to create a wellness plan that’s tailored specifically for them. From weekly 1:1 video sessions and 24/7 chat therapy to live workshops and guided meditations, Plumm offers comprehensive employee wellbeing services to help workforces take control of their health and happiness.

When you feel your best, you can perform at your best.

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