At a time when every employee has been granted their long-lived dream of working from home, it’s not exactly what we were hoping for. Working remotely and have few extra hours at hand (which would have been conveniently spent partying had it not been a pandemic outbreak).  Time for some skill improvement courses, what do you say?

What shall be done now that we are packed in our homes, safely 

Well, did you know that we have the internet and our laptops which can help us learn many skills that we wanted to learn but couldn’t get time because of the long after-office traffic hours?  

My dear quarantined peers, the wait is over now. Here are four skill improvement courses that you can learn while you are packed inside for your safety and the world’s:  


1. Hi, Bi-Lingual!

You know I have always been a fan of Cartel and Espionage genre series and movies but alas! They are mostly in Mexican and Spanish and let me tell you, my friend, that even when we have an English version of them all, the “essence” could never be translated.  

person reading a book

I mean watching Money Heist in Spanish would have been an entertainment of topnotch. While I am working on my Spanish skills, you might also want to learn a new language and give an edge to your CV!  

Pro-tipSurf through Duolingo and thank us later!  


2. Work It Out 

While we sit at home and work, we need not put extra quarantined weight! Work-out. Push yourself and try to hold your plank for 30 seconds more!  

Person doing yoga
Let’s work it out!


Try a high-intensity 30 minutes work out and burn out your physical inactivity.  

Personal TipI have been practising a workout routine curated by OFFICIALTHENX. I can see my abs for real now. LOL.  

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

This skill is a game-changer for all those who are marketing their products online. SEO is very basic tool to skyrocket your sales. So, working from home or not, if you have harnessed the power of SEO, your niche scores more chances to get a good number of purchases.  

SEO is a must on the list of skill improvement courses in this era!


SEO drives limitless organic traffic to your website and you can sit back as your sales will have set itself on an autopilot mode.  

Rich Resources: Neil Patel has made SEO simple for me. You can also try him out for easy yet effective SEO skills.  


4. Skill Improvement Courses based on your hobbies!

In times of despair, fear, anxiety and stress circling the pandemic virus, it becomes almost mandatory to address the silver lining 

 Guitar and a coffee mug

Your focus and dedication can create wonders and today is the time when you go back to your happy places when you cannot go out! Pick your hobby and stream YouTube and learn to play yours or your crush’s favourites song tunes!  

Friendly Favor: My personal favourite Andy has a 10-day guitar lesson for us amateurs. Subscribe to his YouTube channelpick your plectrum and you are good to go!