Can we Overcome Pessimism? 

Negativity and positivity are the two pans of a balance scale or in an even simple language, they together make a see-saw.

Which means they both exist and we can neither deny their presence nor we can get rid of one of them. However, we can attain one by suppressing the other. It is the matter of one’s choice as which one to attain and which one to suppress. Even though apparently nobody wants to attain negativity, but when you suppress one the other becomes dominant. The moment your positive vibes start fading, the negative ones start dominating your mind and body. Which eventually reflects in your actions. This is how the journey of a negative or pessimistic personality begins.

We all know the type of people who irrespective of how depressing the situation is are always happy and positive. On the other hand, there are people who no matter how pleasing the situation is, will always find a reason to complain or be worried. The common fact between both these types of people is that they eventually have a strong impact on the people around them because they both radiate positive or negative energy while communicating. A negative mind can ruin the happiest moment of your life, but a positive mind can make you smile even in the worst situations.

In this blog, we will help you learn how to suppress negativity and allow positive thoughts to dominate your entire physical and mental state. It is extremely important to understand that holding on to negative thoughts, can cause you to be unhealthy and less productive. It is easy to acquire negativity than positivity. We bring you these amazing tips and by implementing them in your daily life, you will vibrate higher than any negative frequency that can cause harm to your natural mental and physical state.

Change Your Utterances

  • Change Your Utterances

It is true that your words often are a reflection of your thoughts. This fact is applicable the other way too ‘what you speak affects your thoughts’. In order to release negative thoughts, you need to put a stop at using words such as; impossible, no, never, at-all, and so on. Instead, you should start replacing these words by something that gives a positive message to your mind. For instance, instead of saying, “It is impossible, nobody has done this yet”, you can say “nobody has done this yet, maybe I can make it possible”. This positive message is sent to your brain and in return, your brain sends you a positive idea to achieve what you want. You can always replace negative words with something positive. You can simply note down all the negative words you use frequently and prepare a list of positive words as their replacement.

  • Take Action

If you have a positive thought, idea or emotion in your mind, it is best to bring it into action at the earliest. The longer you take to act on it, the more the probability of negative thoughts invading your mind. You must have noticed a situation wherein you are supposed to take a decision and suddenly you realize that there are hundreds of thoughts in your mind with all ‘ifs’ and “buts” and you have to make a lot of mental efforts to make a final decision. This is nothing but an invasion of negative thoughts on your positive idea. Therefore, it is always good to execute your idea before it is invaded and killed in your mind.

  • Shun Gossip

Gossiping might feel interesting and fun. However, it is one of the most harmful activities that can cause your essential energy to liberate from your body and can also make your mind feel tired. There is an unavoidable danger of gossip that we all are ignoring today. Gossiping increases the probability of you communicating with negative people, which in turn may affect your thoughts. Instead of sitting in a group gossiping about someone, you can create a group where everyone shares a positive thought or story.

  • Engage in Things That Make you Happy

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”- JK Rowling.

You need to create your own light which you can turn on every time you are going through dark times. This light can be anything that makes you happy such as a positive memory, a gift, a picture, a movie, a song, food or perhaps a person. You can create a list of things that make you happy and every time you are surrounded by negativity, just bring out this list and start reminding yourself that it is only that one thing bothering you today, but there is a number of things that can make you happy at the same time. This is extremely helpful in balancing the negative emotions and thoughts.

  • Extend the Acts of Kindness Randomly

Kindness is one of the strongest emotions in the world which can melt hardest of the hearts. Any task that makes someone feel relieved and happy is an act of kindness. When you help someone, positive energy flow is generated from that person to you which can replace your negative thoughts and emotions and liberate them in the form of negative energy. Every time negativity attacks your mind, you can look around and see if anyone needs something that you can help them with.

Extend the Acts of Kindness Randomly

  • Pen Down your Negative Thoughts

This is one of the most effective techniques to fight with pessimism. It could sound surprising to know that writing down your negative thoughts, can really help you reduce thinking negatively. Here’s what you can do with them. Take a cardboard box (or any box in which you can make a hole). Make a small hole on top of this box and keep this box near your bed or study table wherever you spend most of your time. Keep small pieces of paper near this box and every time you have a negative thought about a thing, person, incident or place, simply write it down on the piece of paper and throw it in the box exactly the way you throw garbage in the bin and you will start seeing amazing results of this technique soon.


A continuous flow of negative energy does not easily allow optimistic thoughts, emotions and actions to penetrate into your body and energy system. Therefore, the first thing you need to work upon is coming out of this and there are number of ways in which you can do this. You may even try anyone of the holistic healing therapies such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Rapid Personal Transformation, Guided Meditation and many more with the help of our holistic health practitioners. You can also learn specific NLP techniques by booking a session with any of our NLP practitioners since NLP is best known to reprogram your mind and remove negative thought pattern. Once the negative energy is released, nothing can stop you from achieving happiness and optimism in your life. Remember,

“Negativity can only affect you if you are at the same frequency. Vibrate higher”