Smoking is Bad for Health

Smoking is injurious to health”

“Smoking causes cancer”

“Smoking Kills”

These are some of the most commonly used slogans which can be found at almost every publicly accessible place these days. However, they are simply ignored by a majority of smokers. The irony is that such slogans are written on the cigarette packets as well, yet it has made no difference in the drastically increasing number of smokers in the world.

A study shows that such health messages or slogans especially when displayed along with the images of people who are adversely affected by smoking have exactly opposite effects on its readers. According to a psychological theory known as Terror Management, death or any life hazard is a terrifying idea for smokers which can cause them to become more anxious and depressed resulting in even stronger desire to smoke because this is how they think they can calm down themselves.

Rituals Have Become a Habit

Ancient civilizations are said to have been smoking tobacco along with other hallucinogens as a part of their religious rituals in order to achieve trance, which allowed them to get in contact with the spirit world. These rituals later became a source of pleasure and people started smoking through pipes which now has decreased in size and these tiny pipes are known as Cigarettes.

External Factors That Influence Smoking

There are multiple factors, which directly or indirectly encourage people to smoke such as,

  • People think it is a best stress buster.
  • It looks cool and a fashion statement.
  • Some people smoke because of peer pressure.
  • Some people smoke because it keeps them active and awake during working hours and extreme workload period.
  • There are people who just wanted to try it once and ended up getting addicted to smoking and many more.

What doesn’t Kill, Makes you ill

There are people who have been smoking for years and are still alive and apparently healthy. However, they are not aware that within these many years, tobacco has done its job perfectly by getting absorbed into the bloodstream and reaching easily to each part of their body.

“A slight contamination of any substance in the natural composition of blood can cause tremendous changes in the physical, mental and emotional state of an individual.”

This is the reason why during an emergency, a particular drug is injected into the veins of the patient which gets absorbed into the bloodstream and gives quicker results. One can imagine if a harmful substance is being absorbed into the blood for years, how destructive it could become at some point in time.

Broken Cigarette and

Health Risks of Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking causes Cancer and it kills, but to those people who are still healthy and alive; here’s what smoking is doing with you.

  1. Serious and quick Genetic damages.
  2. Your lifespan is shortened.
  3. It is not only affecting you, but the people around you are also being equally affected. Specifically, your children.
  4. It increases the risk of infertility.
  5. It has extremely worst impacts on your sexual life.
  6. Your immunity is affected the most.
  7. You are wasting your hard-earned money.

Why Can’t People Quit Smoking Easily?

Undoubtedly, smoking is addictive. Some researchers even claim that it is equally or more addictive than cocaine and other narcotic drugs. However, this is not the reason why people are unable to quit it. The actual reasons are psychological.

Despite knowing its hazardous effects people smoke because they are made to believe that smoking can provide them relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. Though, it is not yet scientifically proven whether smoking can really relieve stress. However, it is only a suggestion given to the subconscious mind of a smoker, which develops slowly and gradually leading to make them feel that smoking is the only alternative to deal with mental and emotional problems.

Another psychological attack done on the subconscious mind of smokers is by making them believe that smoking is impossible or highly difficult to quit.

Person cutting 't' from the sentence

Know that,

“There are numerous solutions to your problem be it anything. You don’t have to shorten your hopes, you only need to broaden your vision to be able to see the solutions.”

3 Simple Steps to Quit Smoking

These are 3 simple steps to help you quit this deadly addiction.

  • To believe that it is absolutely possible to quit smoking
  • To understand that you are not dependent on cigarette or tobacco to relieve your anxiety and stress.
  • To take a holistic approach and receive a deeper healing for your overall well-being.

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How can Healing Clouds Help you to Quit Smoking?

Healing Clouds offer you a wide range of holistic healing modalities and globally certified holistic health practitioners which can help you with smoking cessation.

Here are some of the most useful modalities you may consider,

  1. Hypnosis can remove the suggestion from your subconscious mind that smoking is the only alternative to get relief from your emotional and mental issues. The famous online healthcare portal WebMD also talks about how Hypnosis can help people quit smoking. With Healing Clouds, you can easily book an online Hypnosis session with our certified Hypnosis practitioners.
  2. NLP can reprogram your mind with constructive and positive thoughts as well as ideas. An NLP practitioner can help you learn amazing NLP techniques that not only can help you control the urge to smoke, but also can help you regain a healthy mind, body and spirit.
  3. Theta-Healing can help you discover an ocean of new possibilities for your issues and illnesses, thereby giving you a strong reason to quit smoking.
  4. EFT can release stress and tension that had been stored in your body for years due to smoking.
  5. Psychotherapy can psychologically prepare you to fight with smoking addiction and heal it from its roots.

Know that, if you have decided to quit smoking, this is going to save a lot of other lives along with yours. Because this is the only game in which if you quit, you win.