Depression is Contagious

According to the World Health Organization, over 300 million people throughout the world are suffering from depression. The definition of depression almost everywhere begins with it being a “common” mental illness which gives rise to two very important questions,

  • How did depression become so common?
  • Why is it spreading rapidly amongst people throughout the world?

The only answer to these questions is,

“Depression is contagious. In fact, in certain cases highly contagious”.

Depression is also an energy which is negative in nature and it travels from one person to another who is prone to it or more receptive to it. This suggests us a solution to the major problem of depression. If we could possibly treat a contagious illness in such a way that there are no remnants of it left in an individual, the probability of it spreading becomes less. Whereas, if we do not cure it properly it will keep on troubling the world along with the affected person.

The Root Cause of Depression

There are multiple social, biological, genetic, medical and psychological factors which contribute to the process of developing depression and other mental illnesses in a person. However, the root cause of depression is the weak nervous system incapable of tolerating unfamiliar and unpleasant experiences. This further weakens the immune system leading to physical illnesses. Hence, depression might become the reason for physical illness if not being treated properly at the right time.

The Major Challenge and Types of Treatment for Depression

Depression is a serious problem and the disturbing fact is that it is not being treated appropriately in the first place. The major challenge is to find out the best possible solution to this problem. There are several solutions currently being offered to fight with depression as follows.

Medical Treatments:

A Person with depression is prescribed antidepressant medication. It can suppress the illness but does not cure it.

Psychological Treatments:

A Person with depression has to undergo specific psychological therapies, which helps them to fight the symptoms of depression. But again, it does not cure the problem.

The Social Treatment

People suffering from depression expect more support from people around them. These days many people also expect help and support through social networking. However, most of the times the suggestions given by these two sources are not tried or proven. We call this the ‘Social Treatment’ which is extremely dangerous and that is actually more sought by depressed people these days.

Social Media disadvantages

There are a lot of suggestions we found on the Internet and social media for overcoming depression some of which are,

  • Your problem is not really the problem, your reaction to it is the problem.
  • Ignore the bad and only consider the good in every situation.
  • Control your emotions and reactions.
  • Inculcate the ‘I don’t care’ attitude.>

These are the most trending but harmful pieces of advice a depressed victim can possibly receive. It eventually generates ignorance in depressed people about their problems which is extremely dangerous because ignorance leads to severe consequences.

    “Ignorance is never the solution to any problem, it is extremely unhealthy for your mind. It’s the affirmation and action that together solves the problem and keeps the mind calm”.

An Example

Two people are in a relationship. Despite knowing the fact that there are some issues which need to be addressed in their relationship, both partners continue ignoring it with an expectation that things will be alright automatically. After a while, when things become worse they try to fix it but it does not work and they end up separating from each other.

Young Couple Arguing

The fact is, when you try to ignore an issue even if it very small, everything related to it starts accumulating in your mind like magma in a volcano and explodes when it reaches its threshold thereby leaving the person with severe panic attacks and depression. If the issues are accepted which is called ‘affirmation’ and addressed which is ‘action’, then the probability of getting them solved is very high. In some cases, it may not solve the problem but it will surely prevent you from getting into depression.

Similarly, there are some people who do not ignore their problems but pay too much attention to it which also leads to depression. This happens because such people only choose to “affirm” their problems and ignore to “action” on it. Though, affirmation should always be followed by action.

Understand How Depression Steps its Feet in You

The brain has its own database, which stores each of your thoughts, emotions, reactions, memories, and experiences. Every time you come across a particular situation, your brain tries to analyze it in the light of this data and accordingly triggers a particular reaction suitable for the situation. In case of a sudden traumatic or unpleasant situation, the brain cannot find a particular reaction and hence it either does not trigger any reaction or it triggers a mixed reaction which leads to unusual mental conditions known as mental illness. Jonathan Rottenberg has made a brilliant search on How Does Depression Start  which throws sufficient light on the warning signs and first symptoms of depression.

Is There a Complete Cure for Depression?

Above facts clearly, indicate that it is your brain’s database which decides how you respond to each and every situation. Once an individual has gone through an unpleasant situation, their brain sets their first reaction as a default reaction to every upcoming similar situation. The brain will trigger similar negative reactions even if it finds a minute similarity with the very first depressing experience. Therefore, in order to completely treat depression, it is extremely important to alter the existing data of your brain. Altering the data includes removing the existing negative responses, emotions, and feeling and replacing it with positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings. In addition to this, it is important to learn to never allow negative energy to enter again.

How can Healing Clouds Help me Defeat Depression?

There are multiple ways in which you can deal with depression such as daily exercise, yoga, morning walk, trekking and many more. You can also refer to “Say Goodbye to a Pessimistic Personality” for more techniques to grow a strong and healthy personality.

Healing Clouds offer several holistic healing modalities which are extremely effective to not only fight with depression but also to release its causes from root. Below are some of them for your reference.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can reprogram your existing beliefs, thoughts, and emotions making you feel like you are reborn and ready to accept new and positive ideas leading to a healthy and confident personality. You can learn amazing relaxation NLP techniques with the help of a certified NLP practitioner.

Reiki can remove negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences in the form of negative energy and allows positive energy to circulate in your entire body reaching to every part which requires healing. A Reiki practitioner with their skills knows exactly which area of your body has energy blockages and how much energy is needed to clear them. You can easily feel the negative energy being released through a particular area of your body during a Reiki session.

Karuna Reiki can help you realize how worthy and important you are in the universe. It teaches you to love yourself because when you love something, you take care of it more than anything else in the best possible ways.

Yoga Nidra and Yogic Breathing takes you on a peaceful journey and when you come back you realize that you have left all your pain, sufferings and problems far behind. It can take you to the deepest possible state of calmness leaving you to feel fresh and light.

Somatic Experience can release the remnants of trauma and depressing experiences from their roots. It resets your nervous system and allows you to give yourself a fresh start to a better and healthier life. It not only heals your illness but also helps you to develop the ability to handle extreme stress in the future.

Matrix Energetics can bring you out from the perception that there are boundaries to the solutions available for your problems and opens up an ocean of possibilities for you thereby releasing the stress and depressing thoughts.

Counselling allows you to open yourself up without the fear of being judged. A counselling practitioner always takes a customized approach for each client to address their issues in a specific way making you feel like you are being heard and understood.

Don’t just fight with it, kill it

        “A wounded tiger is the most dangerous beast”- Arthur Golden

Depression is as good as a tiger. If you do not treat it completely, it turns into a wounded tiger and attacks you with more severity after some time.

Depression negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. It even has the power to reduce your interest in those activities you once enjoyed. It affects your focus and abilities to work at home and at the office making you less productive. Therefore, simply fighting the symptoms of depression is not the correct solution. You need to eliminate it along with its roots from your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Taking a holistic approach can not only help you achieve this but also help you to activate your body’s natural defense system so that you can heal your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues yourself. Once you know how to heal yourself, you can heal the world. Begin your journey of self-healing today and book your first session at Healing Clouds with certified holistic health practitioners.