If you see that human life is your spiritual project, then fear is the measurement.
The more you numb it, the least you progress.
The more you feel it, the more you know what you are up against.
And the answer: no matter Who you are, or Where you are, is always the same. Yourself
Yes, this is true.
It’s the Truth about everything and everyone.
Fear leads to control.
Fear leads to needing to prove yourself otherwise.
Fear leads to individuality in a collective world.
Some claim that Fear is necessary, that fear protects us.
Yet, the blindfold of projection it provides only leads to the creation of more fear rather than seeing the creation of more Love.

Like sunglasses that dim the brightness of the sun against the light blue sky,
Fear leads us to see angels as demons,
Answers as requests,
Lovers as haters,
Honest men as foes,
Strong women as hoes.

Remember this :

The God(dess) in You created a fearless world, a fearless plane, and a fearless state. A theatrical experience manifested in trillions of different ways to set you free from the fantasy world of fear we’ve created.

True healing is seeing that world through those very same eyes, to put down the lenses of fear and to see it for what it is. To walk towards the fears we’ve created through the years so we can dissolve it. The deeper we dive in the Ocean of All that we are, the more we realize that ALL the different levels of fear are different parts of us waiting for ourselves.

We are the fear fearing itself.
Our spiritual project as humans on this plane is to set fear free…
To become our fears…
To see what we do not want to see so we can see beyond it.
Only then, do we become experts in seeing what is ours to see, in recognizing the divine visions of love, when others are still trapped in fear?
Only then, do we become the healers our of own life and the lives of others?
Only then, we can set ourselves free and create the divine life we came here to live.

Sandra Guedes

Healing Dreams, Empowering Dreamers
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