Why do we Need Self Relaxation?

A relaxed mind is no less than a boon. As a child, we are all born with it. However, as we grow up, we start ruining this blessing ourselves. We can clearly figure out the difference between a child reacting to a situation and an adult reacting to the same situation. For example, a child crying for a broken toy can easily be convinced. However, imagining a similar situation as an adult simply by replacing the toy with any of the smart gadgets, we know that the situation no more remains the same. Adults cannot sleep throughout the night thinking about who would have messaged them? What has been happening on social media? Who commented on their posts? How will the meeting be tomorrow and so on.

Need Self Relaxation

Eventually the mind decides whether to keep you relaxed or to simply make the situation worst by making you overthink about every possible negative outcome of the issue. By controlling your mind, you can control every situation, no matter how distressing it is.

Here are some techniques which will help you to do so.

Breathing Yoga (Pranayama)

Breathing is the source of vital life force, which can clearly be justified by the fact that you die if you stop breathing. Experts have discovered several breathing techniques, which can help you calm yourself in distressing situations. The best thing about Pranayama is that it can be practiced anytime and anywhere even if you are right in the middle of a meeting in office and something suddenly starts bothering you. One of the most practiced and useful technique is Alternate Nostrils Breathing in which you block one of your nostrils by gently placing your index finger or your thumb on it and breathe slowly and repeat the same procedure with the other nostril with a small pause. You can continue this for 2-5 minutes and see the changes in yourself. Another practice includes breathing deeply for a long time and keep repeating this for a few minutes. Make sure in both practices you are sitting comfortably. There are many other breathing techniques and our practitioners can surely help you learn all of them. Also, please read Yogic Breathing/Pranayama for more details.


Meditation is one of the most practiced holistic healing art throughout the world. Although, Meditation can be performed anywhere, it is highly recommended to be performed at a distraction-free place where you can breath sufficiently. An early morning meditation practice is considered extremely useful for a peaceful mind and healthy body. One of the techniques include bringing full concentration to the area of stress in your body, figuring out its shape, color and movement and then changing all of them into something pleasing using the power of imagination. The area of stress can be anywhere such as head, shoulder, legs, back and so on. This practice is extremely essential when performed initially in a guided manner. Please check Guided Meditation for more information. Practitioners on Healing Clouds can help you learn many other simple meditation techniques that will help you control your stressed mind.

 Co-meditation /Dyad

It cannot be denied that broken and unhealthy relationships are one of the major reasons of depression nowadays. Co-meditation is one of the best techniques to help you make your relationships healthy. The word ‘Dyad’ has a root meaning of ‘two units treated as one’. A research by Max Plank Institute indicates that if two people meditate together, it may help them feel closer and more open with one another. Presence of a partner during meditation makes you feel loved and safe. This also helps overcome the feeling of loneliness. Co-meditation connects you with your and your partners inner self and clears the doubts thereby making your relationships healthier than before. If your relationships are at its worst at the moment or may worsen in future, booking a session on Healing Clouds can help.

 Co-meditation /Dyad
Happy Couple Meditating Together

Karuna® Reiki

Karuna refers to compassion. Karuna® Reiki is a beautiful combination of traditional Reiki and an energetic extract of the compassionate force in the universe. Karuna® Reiki techniques include toning and chanting of specific words that helps the healing energy direct itself to the places in your body which are under the influence of stress or depression. If you wish to understand this technique deeply, a Reiki practitioner will surely help you.

Resonance Repatterning

In simple words, Resonance is a process in which an external vibrating force helps another system to vibrate higher compared to its existing vibrational pattern. Today, Science has concluded that everything is energy and there is a specific energy associated with everything including each tissue, cell or muscle of your body. Therefore, stress can easily be released by changing the frequency of vibrational patterns associated with the parts of your body that are holding on to the stress. This technique is best practiced with the help of a practitioner. Resonance Repatterning® will help you understand this better.

Yoga Nidra or Sleep Meditation

Yoga is the easiest and highly efficient way to get rid of stress and tension quickly. Yoga Nidra is considered to be one of the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness, much more like a “going to sleep state” where your body and mind are completed relaxed. Practicing Yoga Nidra frequently along with typical Yoga can improve your mental health. The technique usually includes intentionally focusing to different parts of your body and relaxing them one after the other. This will not only help you overcome an existing stressed condition but will also help you control your stress levels in future. Read more about Yoga Nidra to understand how it can help you relax yourself

There are many more ways to quickly relax yourself in stressed condition,

  • Drinking a glass of chilled water.
  • Think about your best experiences, people in your life and places you have visited.
  • Go for a walk preferably in a garden or any place where you can breath in fresh air.
  • Listen to slow and melodious music.
  • Laughing, by watching a funny movie or show.

However, these methods might not work every time in extremely distressed situations. Also, few people are over sensitive and they tend to get distressed quickly and cannot come out of it easily. In both these situations, deep energy healing techniques are extremely beneficial. Healing Clouds will provide you best practitioners to learn these techniques irrespective of where you are located. You can browse through our certified holistic health practitioners and book a holistic healing session with them today.