The usual feedback we keep receiving from people who experienced their first Reiki session with us is always overwhelming. Most of them are surprised, and convinced at the same time. Surprised due to the way energy brings balance and healing while convinced, due to its simple, yet powerful effects. However, for people who haven’t yet experienced Reiki has several doubts in their mind out of which “I am not sure if it will work” is the most significant one.

This blog is specifically written to help you understand how powerfully Reiki can work and create potential changes in all the phases of your life. To those who have already experienced the magic of Reiki, this blog will help them to enhance their understanding about it.


Reiki originated 90 years ago in the land of the rising sun, Japan. The founder, Mikau Usui shared his knowledge of Reiki to more than 2000 people during his life span.

Reiki has no complex fundamental principles to understand. It solely works on the idea of the existence of a universal life force around us capable of healing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

The universal life force continuously flows through our body in specific pathways such as Chakras and Aura. This life force is responsible for the natural and healthy growth of our entire system including the mental, emotional, and spiritual systems. All kinds of negative thought patterns can impact the regular flow of this life force.

Imagine the sewage system in your house getting blocked and the house, in fact, the entire building get impacted due to this one blockage. If not removed quickly, it keeps accumulating things that are supposed to be thrown out of the building. The negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings impact your body, mind, soul, and emotions in a similar manner.

The role of the Reiki practitioner is to recirculate the natural flow of universal life force in your body, bringing back it back to it’s naturally balanced state. It is important to understand here that practitioners are not magicians who create this energy. They are simply the channels through which the healing energy reaches you. An important point to be understood here is that we are all capable of extracting and utilizing the universal life force. However, due to the accumulation of negative patterns in us, it becomes little difficult to channel the energy ourselves. This is where we need a Reiki practitioner who first worked on their energy patterns and then attained the attunement to act as a channel for Reiki energy.


Here are 4 reasons why we love and highly recommend Reiki.

  • No Side Effects:
    Why are we all highly cautious to try new things in life? The answer is simply that we are afraid of the unexpected consequences called “side effects”. Reiki energy is extremely safe and gentle to receive. Side effects occur only when something impacts those areas which were already balanced and did not need to be obstructed. However, in case of Reiki energy, it works exactly and only on the areas in your body that require healing. The errors minimized rather vanished knowing the fact that it is not the practitioner who guides the energy for what to work upon. It is the divine energy itself which decides its path and process.
  • Holistic Solution:
    Reiki is the holistic solution for looking at your energy and etheric body. It gives insight to the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual components. The healing occurs at such a deeper level that it activates (or reactivates) your body’s natural healing system for all your concerns irrespective of your age.
  • Cost Effective:
    Compared to conventional healthcare services, you will find Reiki less expensive after a few sessions, because of its sustainable health benefits. Self-healing starts to unfold as you gain clarity and insight to understanding your body.
  • Works with Conventional Medicine:
    The best thing about Reiki is that it is non-invasive and can support other treatment plans being followed. It’s gentle energy works to activate the immune system to kick in, so strengthening the healing process.


While Reiki heals, it also enhances mood and creativity. Research has shown that Reiki helps increase the white blood cells count in our body. The thing about holistic healing is that you may begin with a single concern about your health while there are underlying concerns hidden from you.
Reiki energy targets all such concerns without you realizing it ever existed. It is the best medicine for inner peace and spiritual awakening. The benefits of Reiki are infinite and cannot be confined to a few hundred words. If you wish to experience this amazing healing modality, Healing Clouds provides you an opportunity to book a free consultation with a Reiki practitioner of your choice. Speak to our Reiki practitioners for more details and book your free consultation today.