It does not matter if you dream of being a pop-star queen or of building a local bakery with an exceptional intrepid concept. It does not matter if you dream of romance or a bold life of individualism and leadership. It’s the desire of fully living it in spite of all the adversity that takes you to that next challenge. It’s the boldness of defying everything you see, all the “cannots” and “should nots.”

Your ultimate desire is the only mentor you need. It’s not just what gives you most pleasure, it’s what challenges you to love adversity itself so much that the egoistic version of you, that you created to protect yourself from “me” – the external world – gets out of your way out of love, out of respect. It dissolves through the understanding that it was never real, and the reality you believed was never real either.

What was real was your boldness of believing in your inner dream, your inner desire. That’s what brings forth the challenge of wanting to vibrate so high that you will naturally wake up to the eyes of spirit and live the life you came here to live. A life where the whole world is spirit turning and twisting into the manifested energy that you desire, what you dream and what you dread the most. Experiencing all that you desire without ever fearing the loss, yet with the love and the respect of knowing it could all end right now.

That’s the only way you will ever love yourself so much that the fear of attachment fed by the imposition of an analytical conceptualized non-attachment disappears, and you experience love, real love. Not the conceptualized love, but the one that’s unafraid of loving and living life as a multidimensional being.

That’s when you can fall in love so deeply that you will never be attached to your friends, to your lovers, to your emotions. Yet, you will be so greatly interested and curious to venture yourselves out in the great unknown of what is there to know about ourselves that we truly love fully, and wholly.

That’s when we prove the Catholicism wrong. That’s when we know we overcame Hell, and experience Heaven.

And yes, there is such a place where we can live that life. It is now and it is here. On the time and space we call planet Earth. The suspended manifestation of materialized energy hanging over the void that guides us all into the true awakened life. The life where you know more than what is perceived. Where there’s only you and God, not theoretically, but truly.

The life that cradles you, the life that nest you, the lifethat supports you, that’s God. A God that is inside you and inside that angry person you see in the mirror, and God is watching how you both deal with it. God is not looking at how you run away from the situation, but how you engage with it and chose to respond and unlearn the lessons you are learning to recognize, so you prove yourself worthy to experience that next dream.

And you are the missing key.

You are the incomprehensible that goes beyond words. You are the river that gives life permission to impregnate you with the bliss of being you. That’s the only thing you will ever get out of this experience, the understanding that turns into inspiration which in return turns you into the fuel to carry on this physical plane creating, manifesting, sustaining, being you. That’s who you truly are!

So give yourself that ultimate prize of believing in yourself so much, that you are bold enough to learn all the answers through the experience of living all of your dreams and desires.

What you perceive of the world right now? What you feel about the world right now? That will feel a different, for the experience of bliss will awaken your senses to the real nature of you, the you who is living the never-ending stream of life on a continuous conversation with God, detached from all things, yet fully embracing the experience of all of them.

That’s when you get the passion. That’s when you get the drive. That’s when you get what allows you to flow and glow. That’s when you stop looking for all the answers and you realize you have become the master, the key holder of all the answers.