Who Needs a Life Coach?

Life coaching is often misunderstood as counseling. However, it is entirely different in terms of its approaches. Life coaching is not about dealing with your past memories and issues, it’s rather about working on your present to create a desired future. Life coaching is the best choice for these two types of people.

1- Who are stuck in their pasts and wish to explore the future by observing the present.

2- Those who are yet unsure about their career, relationships and any other aspect of life and need a guiding hand.

Needs a Life Coach

If you have not yet taken a life coaching session and have a lot of questions about it then this blog will help you understand life coaching as a healing modality.

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is an interactive relationship between an accredited life coach and a client, with the intention to tap into your full potential. Just as athletes need the support of an athletic coach, many of today’s successful business leaders, professionals and CEOs use the services of a life coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.

Life Coaching encourages you tо rеmоvе the boundaries and limitation уоu might have placed uроn уоurѕеlf. Thiѕ results in уоu becoming more creative, рrо асtivе аnd motivated to succeed. Ultimately, life coaching iѕ about rеѕtоring your nаturаl balance and helping you live a healthier, happier аnd more fulfilled life.

Who Is A Life Coach?

The word ‘Coach’ is often associated to sports and education. However, this is not true. Every aspect of your life that needs attention and training to help you succeed and create a healthier and brighter tomorrow can be associated with coaching. Be it your personal and professional relationships, your career, or your health, you can always consult a life coach for clarity and guidance. The ultimate goal of a life coach will always be to assist and empower individuals to create and achieve professional and personal goals. This may include outshining in the workplace, being happy and contented at home, discovering your potential and accomplishing goals. Having a life coach to guide you along the way makes you more likely to not only accomplish your goal, but also experience less stress, have better health and solve problems more efficiently.

Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Fear is the strongest emotion that can hold you back from moving forward in life. Fear eventually creates a comfort zone, which can be a big hurdle in your success. It is the responsibility of a life coach to help you overcome your fears and phobias thereby bringing you out of your comfort zone and letting you see the numerous possibilities for a healthier and successful life.

An amazing benefit of consulting a life coaching practitioner is that they being a stranger to you will never judge you, your thoughts and your choices or decisions. This creates a friendly environment for you to open up. Also, since the coach will not be emotionally attached to you by any means, you will not get biased suggestions and guidelines from them. This is helpful because before meeting a life coach you have only received suggestions by your colleagues, family or friends. Hence their opinion about your life decisions might be what pleases you and not what is right for you which sets boundaries around your thought process. A life coach will first break these boundaries thereby introducing you to a world full of unlimited possibilities for the solutions of your problems.

Life coaching is a guided conversation by an expert to figure out the difference between what appears to be good for you and what actually is good for you.

Benefits of Having a Life Coach
Motivation by a Life Coach

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Life Coach?

It is always a good practice to research a little about things before you make a choice and especially when it comes to someone who is going to guide you about important aspects of your life. You need to be as sure as possible as who you are choosing. So, before choosing a life coach, you must-

  • Ask your friends for recommendations or take a look at the client’s reviews on Healing Clouds.
  • Check for a life coach who is certified by the International Coach Foundation.
  • Set up a timeline based on the time duration required to complete the sessions.
  • Send free messages to more than one life coaches on Healing Clouds and based on their response make a better choice.

An hour-long session with an experienced life coach can turn your life around. It will enable you to unleash the immense potential you hold inside and will also give you the wisdom to tackle every singly obstacle in a way that will help you achieve success and complete wellbeing.

Book your first life coaching session today on Healing Clouds with any of our certified holistic health practitioners and experience the difference yourself.