Self Care During Pregnancy

Creating a new life, nurturing it for 9 months in your womb and bringing it into the world after going through a painful delivery is an entirely different experience. There is a special reverence you have for your newborn.

You would sacrifice the happy hours for sushi and wine, pull through the morning nausea, and donate your favorite pair of skinny jeans and switch them for a pair of sweatpants.

Despite these transitions, you know that such dedication and discipline will pay off because you are going to be a mom, and That will require you to change and learn new ways to care for yourself.

Self Care Practices During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your body changes, and so does your mood and stress levels. Your hormones, the weight you carry, and your focus all change as you prepare for the baby. Incorporating self-care practices during pregnancy helps to:

1. Manage Your Mood Swings

It is completely common to feel bipolar states of emotions. One second your enthusiastic for having a baby, and five seconds later your terrified of bringing them into this world, and also the act of giving birth. It’s confusing. That is why you deserve to get support.

Counseling and Psychotherapy can mentally and emotionally prepare you for stages of motherhood while validating the complicated feelings you experience. Talking this through can help you gain emotional resilience and self-acceptance for motherhood.

2. Release The Expectations

Being perfectly composed and beautiful, and achieving in both work/family life balance during and after pregnancy is actually unrealistic. Women are burnout, anxious, depressed, and resentful because the last person they are allowed to please is themselves. Therefore, work with someone to shift your mindset and beliefs, about pregnancy and motherhood.

Theta Healing, NLP, EFT and Hypnosis can help you cultivate greater self-compassion and acceptance during your pregnancy by eliminating thoughts that disempower you.

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3. Release The Emotions

It is common to burst into tears without reason or feel deep sensations of grief. A range of emotions come from radical body changes internally. Post-partum depression is just as real because of a sharp drop in the estrogen and progesterone hormones. Part of self-care is creating space to process and release these emotions in a healthy and safe way that validates your experience. When we don’t clear and understand these emotions, they can become stuck and create pain, discomfort, and malaise in our mind, body or soul. Rather than escaping from the feelings or repressing them,

Emotion code, Body Code, EFT, Reiki and Rapid Transformational Healing, all support the balance of your emotions, while understanding why its there.

4. Get curious

There is no other stage in life besides childhood, where you are curious about life in general. There are so many questions to ask, and learning to do. There is so much growth happening within yourself too. Curiosity and wonder makes life interesting.

“What does this latest product do?”

“Will eating this help?”

“Can I eat this?”

Or, “What’s Mozart got to do with babies?”

Use that exploration to your advantage.

Enjoy this interesting research by New York Times which talks about desires pregnant women have during their pregnancy.  Can you relate?

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And remember, self-care is not selfish.

In fact, it is the most sustainable practice that not only nurtures you but helps you love and care for others in a wholesome way. Remember to treat yourself with kindness and compassion. You need it most especially during pregnancy! Respect your health, listen to your needs and honor your limits. Healing Clouds is here to help you discover the Holistic Healing tools you need for your lifelong health, wellbeing, and personal growth.

Get the support you need, anytime and anywhere.