We’re so excited to finally share that we’re rebranding our company to Plumm Health, but you can call us Plumm.

Everything will be predictably found on plummhealth.com starting August 9. 🥳

Why change our name from Healingclouds?

The change in our name from Healingclouds to Plumm marks a significant new and exciting chapter for us.

We’re evolving. Our team – internal and external – has grown and become more global than ever before.

It is not just our logo and name that have changed. We have a shiny new website (explore, have a look around, make yourself at home) and a whole new voice in our messaging.

The change in our branding reflects the change in our business model and the expansion of our company. It represents what we do and who we are as a team, as well as where we are going.

Why Plumm?

Our name draws inspiration from the plum fruit, which is known to combat anxiety and stress. This ties in with our core mission to provide mental health and wellbeing support to anyone and everyone.  

In a world that is becoming more technologically connected than ever before, we as humans are becoming less connected to our emotions and mental health. Plumm is on a mission to make a difference, provide a safe space for people to access mental health resources, and reconnect humans with other humans. With a pledge to make care accessible to all, our ethos is ‘prevention rather than intervention’. 

How will this affect existing users?

Simply put… it won’t. 😊

Your access will continue without interruption, though the logo and colors will change (they’re more fun, we promise).

You remain our highest priority, and our brand values have not changed.

  • We are committed to providing an inclusive platform which is accessible to everyone. All conversations are 100% confidential and encrypted – that’s never going to change.
  • Our ethos is to be good and to do good, which means always striving to do the right thing. Plumm empowers you to be better, feel better, and live better.
  • Sharing our passion for mental health and the world. Mental health should be nurtured at all times, not just at crisis point. Prevention over intervention!

We do have one small ask… Let us know what you think. 🧐

You have taken us this far and we look forward to seeing where we go next. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates

Reach out to us whenever, we’d love to hear from you. Pop us an email at  hello@plummhealth.com.