COVID-19 has instilled a strange fear and panic in all of us. With no proper vaccine in place, the only way to escape this is to practice good hygiene and maintain social distancing. And this very aspect of social distancing has compelled most of us to work from home. Honestly, we are privileged to be able to be working from home while many other people are out there exposed to all threats just to ensure our comfortable life.

On the contrary, work from home though seems like a blessing but it comes with its own set of challenges. These challenges mostly hamper our mental peace and encroach our personal space.


This is what can happen:

“I mostly wake up around 9 am, rush to the bathroom just to freshen up a little bit, and start attending my official calls. I don’t have time to breathe after waking up.”

“While I was on a call with one of the clients, my baby began to cry and my little puppy started barking. I had to disconnect the call midway. It was so embarrassing.”

“I’m stuck amongst my household chores and official work. Seems like both are getting mixed up. I feel so imperfect right now.”

“I initially thought that it would be great to be close to my loved ones and work. But my productivity went for a toss. I failed on my deadline twice. This shouldn’t have happened.”



These have been the cases with almost everybody who is working from home. It’s very difficult to draw a line between personal and professional life. But we need to support each other, and respect people who are out there to help us. 

The time is difficult and everybody is doing their bit to win the battle against Coronavirus. The most important thing in this situation is to be mentally peaceful, physically healthy and professionally productive at the same time. Here are very simple tips that you can practice on the days when you are working from home and feel the magic:


→ Follow your morning routine just like before while working from home.

Meditate, exercise, breathe in some fresh air, or take your cute dog for a walk. Maintain distance while not locking up yourself completely.

→ Maintain your official working hours.

Take a bath, get ready and set up your office desk at home. Begin your work right at the punch-in time. And stop working when your office hours are over.

Schedule your break too.

Go, have a good lunch break. Talk to your loved ones. Cook your favourite meal. Just enjoy your ‘me’ time.

Socialize while working from home.

If you feel lonely, disconnected or isolated, just call your favourite colleague or best friend for a random chit-chat. You aren’t a robot. You need to socialize too, while you’re at work.


study table with coffee


Lastly, keep your mind peaceful and full of positive energy. So, relax, be healthy and keep spreading love. Perhaps this time can be used to find a new version of yourself.