World Mental Health Day is around the corner, and all of us at Plumm are super pumped to honour it. But, before we share how, here’s a bit of context.

World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness of mental health issues globally and mobilise efforts in support of mental health.

It also provides an opportunity for mental health advocates, experts and other people working on mental health issues to talk about their work and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for everyone worldwide.

Back to Plumm. This is how we at Plumm are honouring World Mental Health Day:
Introducing, #IUnderstand

YOU should keep your mental wellbeing a priority but not your ONLY priority.

#IUnderstand: Making mental health a reality

The launch of the #IUnderstand campaign is to help people realise the importance of identifying, acknowledging, and working on the mental wellbeing challenges of both themselves and others. The day we begin to understand how significant mental fitness is in everyone’s life and support it, our work is done!

To join us in this worthy campaign, share your mental wellbeing journey on social media with hashtag #IUnderstand. Feel free to tag us @Plummhealth, too. Your story may encourage others to open up and start a conversation around the importance of mental health. Let’s give back to the community by educating and empowering people through mental wellbeing.

By the way, does this look familiar?

Plumm Team

This is US, this is you, this is me doing my daily chores, laughing, cooking, shopping, eating, walking, working, smirking, anxious, happy, sad, and everything in between!

Mental health problems do not manifest themselves as concrete and quantified problems; they look very different from a broken hand or a leg injury. People suffering from mental health problems may seem to function normally, and they can carry their work as usual, but remember they may be suffering inside.

Talking about uncomfortable and overwhelming feelings and emotions can be daunting, given the stigma and shame revolving around such issues. But we have to understand that people are suffering and they need help. So, be in your colleague’s corner, ask them twice how can you support them, let your loved ones know that you understand and are there for them whenever they need you, and that includes YOU, too.

At Plumm, we are making mental wellbeing a reality for all because it should not be a luxury limited to a few. And we practise what we preach. We celebrate, encourage and support mental wellbeing on World Mental Health Day, and every other day, by giving all our Plumm team members:

  1. Unlimited and free 1:1 online therapy sessions
  2. Unlimited chat therapy
  3. Uncapped mental health days off
  4. Full access to our self-help digital wellbeing courses for our team to learn and grow at their own pace
  5. And, last but not least, lifetime access to therapist-led guided mediations and soundscapes to relax and recollect themselves in times of need

How do you support mental health in your workplace? Let’s share ideas so we can continue to improve the mental health of all.

Happy World Mental Health Day

Team Plumm