We have managed to stir, question, validate, and provide direction. Now that the desired outcome is beginning to move, it is time to review internal communication with self. At this point we either freeze and abandon or keep going to move through the barriers. Successful people are often quick to decide. Slow to act. Deciding to stick with the idea of changing behavior to create a desired result still intact. Neuro-Linguistic programming is what I like to call the foundation of living a life optimized. When it was founded in the 70’s a few important people from different specialties got together to create a better way to achieve success and positive thinking. Through the studies of Richard Bandler, well known as the master of NLP and touting a degree in psychology along with renowned hypnotherapist Dr Milton Erickson, and one more well-known linguistic John Grindler created neuro-linguistic programming. They already decided the integration of method that served others well! So, I began to study the masters. I also study those valuable resources that are available in neuroscience such as Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton. They provide the insight needed to understand the mind and the power to change how we wire and rewire our thoughts to prove that this is possible for us.

2.    Reflection

What skills have been well formed in the past that are able to be transferred to the “new” task at hand. Skills for living are not learned in school or in the world. Life does not teach us to live well. No matter how dead end you may be feeling at times, the positive resources you have will allow you to follow through by providing the “flip” of “what if” thinking. “What if I do, becomes What if I don’t.”  The choice remains. More of the same or movement forward using the tools you have learned thus far that have served you well. Flip negatives to positive ones

3.    Research around the Executive brain

 Survival of the fittest now becomes survival of the most fluid

The new system must include the following:

  • Exhausting the executive brain before starting to challenge intellectual issues will liberate the desired elastic brain. Exercise or fatigue the prefrontal cortex and poor decision making begins.
  • Developing whole brain thinking by using all the brain
  • Profound changes and transformations will occur once the new reality is created
  • Using strategies and tools from hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation, NLP, and life coaching integrated to serve people where one strategy may leave off or needs a deeper approach
  • Having even more options creates success once and for all

4.    Focus on the prize

Bringing clarity while talking through the process of what needs to change or be tweaked in a person’s life and weighing in on what’s true and not true. Deciding it is worth it to stay on the current path as your mission.

Focus exercise: Pick something out in the room. Focus on that object for a little while. What do you see? What’s the color, texture, or design of it? Find as many uses and words that you can to describe the object. Training the brain to focus. You have the power to tell it what you need. We often take lots of things for granted in our world. Focus on what is important. Become narrow minded for this reason alone. If we persist in staying focused on the passion we want for our lives, the brain will go to work to help you achieve it. By learning that the world does not hold your dream, but you do.

5.    Feed the narrative

Enforce sense of self. List your values and will honed skills that are able to build the change you say you want to happen. Keep taking forward steps. Accept thoughts emotions, and sensations without judgement. They are neutral and do not define you. Chunk down anything that is throwing you off focus. Shift attention to what is the single most challenge in front of you now. Only that one challenge not ten others. Pay attention to the story you are telling yourself about it. Is it true, or is it a lie? If it is a lie where is it derived from? Fear? Unprepared? Etc. This will keep you on the path by dealing with any negatives that come up and attempt to derail your intentions.

6.    The world and other people

Obviously relying on other people and the input of the external world will disappoint. No labels, positions, or relationship can give you self-worth. We must ensure that if something is removed from our lives our truth remains.

Take stock of your talents and gifts to the world. You have many gifts to offer others. Use the idea of this to give purpose to what you are striving to achieve. How will you make other peoples live better for what you are working on now and are willing to bring forth.

7.    Implementation Plan

Conscious awareness. Eyes wide open. Meditate, give your prefrontal cortex the rest it needs. Become good at blocking negative external influences. You will decide under your own management what to pay attention to or not. When we WILLINGLY accept where we have come and where we will arrive will keep you grounded. Understand that sometimes things beyond our control may happen as they are unforeseen, but determination driven by passion will not allow you to wallow. Accept what you have told yourself that is true choice for your life. Trust your power to act on your behalf for your own beliefs. Be open to everything and closed to nothing as you bring empowered ideas to your passion driven life.

8.    Ruthless Compassion

When we take the responsibility for ourselves and commit to our lives, it becomes harder for others to deceive, exploit, or control us. Facing the truth about self, find others of the world that can mentor, shape and empower your passion.

Love the truth you have that you know you already possess and are yearning to share. Perfectionism without compassion could lead us to become cynical or despaired. By treating yourself with guiding self-initiated love, kindness, and honesty, and taking responsibility will move you to make better more solid choices.