‘Today feels lonelier than the usual ones.

Yes, I am single and I love my solitude except for this Valentine’s week.

I get out to shop grocery and find every single shop decorated with tokens of love that the love birds will gift to each other and will revel in the week of love.

The huge emphasis on the day makes me feel left out when the entire world seems to be celebrating love. I have a major FOMO right now. Sighs!

You can’t help but feel the tinge of jealousy when food apps send you notifications with a discount for couples! I was surprised when I realised it.

I belong to those who can’t be committed just for the sake of being pampered. After all, I have to live my life with my own terms and conditions. I have a feeling you can relate too.

Anyway, I know that I want to feel loved today. And we all do, don’t we? How do we do that when we are single?

Self-love is the answer.

Valentines Day Self-Care


Or celebrate any kind of love that has given you the vibes to live your life through a positive spectrum. Love comes in different forms and shapes. We can love food, our pets, our best friend and Valentine’s day is good to celebrate them.

Today, when I write this, I am sitting on the park bench which has always given the best romantic movie scenes. Paradox, right? I know what I have to do today to “feel the love”.

I am going to feed my taste buds. I am going to order a super deluxe meal from my favourite restaurant. By night when I reach home, I’ll fill my bathtub with hot water and a few droplets of lavender oil. What an amazing bath it’s going to be. Mind you, I have a bottle of fine wine at home and will have it poured while I bathe.


Valentines Day Self-Care


Okay! I took my time and have done all my self-pampering rituals; I actually feel airy and light now, feeling good about myself.

It’s that easy, yes.

End your ceremony with a large bucket of ice-cream, if you are a dessert fan then only.