Equiniti offers specialised solutions powered by their advanced technology to businesses. Moreover, it helps them respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex and regulated world. In addition to the comfort they provide to corporate cohorts, Equiniti has joined Healingclouds to help their employees and clients achieve mental wellbeing and happy headspace!

Today, we are in talks with the core team at Equiniti to explore how they promote mental wellbeing at their organisation.


  1. What are the greatest values that Equiniti encourages at the workplace?

At Equiniti, we have four internal values aligned with our purpose to care for every customer and simplify each transaction.

We are meticulous in our performance and inventive as we grow; we keep things real for our customers and pull together to succeed.

  1. How is Equiniti doing things differently to promote their employees’ mental wellbeing?

The pandemic provided us with a great opportunity to really think about how we wanted to approach this for 2020 and beyond. Most importantly, we wanted our colleagues to feel connected to EQ and each other. Therefore we invested a lot of time into getting this right.

Weekly mindfulness sessions were conducted every Monday ( by EQ colleagues), MHFA went virtual, and we now have over 50 employees trained to support colleagues. Above all, we have  CEO briefings every fortnight, allowing an opportunity for two-way communication between colleagues and the c-suite. We hosted a variety of virtual online events supporting Mental Health Awareness Week in May, listed below.

  • World Mental Health Day in October, “5 ways to wellbeing” sessions throughout the summer
  • Disability Awareness session
  • A dial-in session for Men’s Health Week
  • Webinar to raise awareness on Menopause Awareness Day
    Partner Spotlight: Equiniti
  1. Do you think that mental health can affect an employees’ financial wellbeing and vice versa?

Yes, absolutely.  There has been a common understanding that financial wellbeing can be affected by our mental health. However, the pandemic has highlighted that our mental wellbeing can be significantly impacted by our financial circumstances and resilience.

We have ingrained this because financial wellbeing is always a part of our agenda from a mental health perspective. We try to do what we can to cater to those needs.

  1. What are some top tips for ensuring that people are self-motivated at work?

We believe that giving people ownership of their objectives, allowing flexibility to manage their personal life alongside work does wonder! In addition, a culture of encouraging colleagues to become self-motivated and to get involved in our active networks and communities has been key to our organisational structure.

  1. How are Equiniti and Healingclouds working together to ensure employee wellbeing?

Equiniti and Healingclouds formed a partnership in 2020, which has helped raise awareness of colleague wellbeing. We have run events in collaboration with one another, breaking down stigmas and creating content to improve colleagues’ understanding of the most common (and less common) mental wellbeing challenges. We love working together and are looking forward to 2021 and continuing to help our colleague improve their wellbeing.