Migraines are the worst. Sometimes they are mild and other times its like an anvil has just dropped on your head. When a migraine hits you, it can inhibit or affect your other senses such as your sight and smell. Throbbing, pulsating, and unbearable pain from migraines can impact your daily routine.



How often are you racing your thoughts in your head? When do you drop into your body?

One explanation for migraines comes from Louis Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Body”. A migraine occurs in people who always try to be perfect and end up creating a lot of pressure on themselves.

Society demands that we compete in a never-ending rat race where we must prove ourselves to be better than others in some way. We identify competition and success with our intelligence, our knowledge. Our thinking brain is always online and rarely do we give that a rest. Modern-day rest often means Netflix, music, social media, and socializing. Real rest is mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and activities unrelated to cognitive thinking.

Our minds are always on, and never ever are they off.

If there is overactivity in the mind, and rarely any rest, wouldn’t it make sense for our thinking engine to hurt? Perhaps, manifest into a migraine?

Holistic Healthcare Approach to Migraine

Unbelievably, the migraine is the 3rd most common illness in the world. A research done by the Migraine Research Foundation suggests that 25% of American households include an individual suffering from migraine. The most commonly observed age group suffering from migraine is of 25 to 55. While the  number of women having migraine is more than that of men.

While medications given to migraine patients do relieve the symptoms for a while; their side effects are long lasting. The side effects of migraine medications include:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Throat and chest tightness
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Constipation, and much more.


How do we find a lifelong solution to your migraines without having to find a solution for another health problem?

Holistic health care focuses on sustainable solutions with unique insights to your body, your lifestyle habits, and your lifelong wellness. While migraines may be a health concern, uncovering the link to the mind, body, emotion, and spirit will strengthen your self-care.

Imagine waking up expecting another migraine, but instead…. it’s not there…


At Healing Clouds, our certified practitioners have unique insights and tools for the mind, body, spirit connection. Understand your physiology and psychology. Unlock your own capability to manage your stress, your symptoms, rather than settling for answers at the doctor’s office.

Open your mind to possibilities, to being healed and feeling in control of managing your health.

Your wellbeing should be your priority, and you deserve to have access to effective, transformational healing modalities and tools that can change the way you relate to your physical pain.

Effective, mind-body energy healing therapies for migraines include Reiki, Yoga-Nidra, Guided Meditation, Bi-aura therapy, Pranic Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, and Reconnective Healing.

It helps with chronic pain too because if you can decrease the cortisol levels which is the stress hormone in your body, you also decrease the amount of inflammation which is a part of the pain.


Energy healing and mindfulness therapies include specifically designed tools and techniques to figure out the disturbances present in an individual’s energy field. All these modalities aim to release unhealthy patterns that is causing distress on your body. We aim to release suppressed emotions, relax your body, shift energetic blocks, and shed light on the unconscious self that unknowingly contributes to the physiological responses of the body.

Moreover the practitioners aim to educate and empower the wholeness of you. As these therapies directly work upon the root cause of migraine, they not only help relieve the symptoms of migraine but also heal the side effects that might have caused due to previously consumed migraine medications. A holistic approach to migraine is not simply about relieving a one-sided headache, it is more about creating a healthy mind and body capable of healing themselves whenever required.

Check out the list of healing modalities we offer at Healing Clouds to know more about your mind and body and book a session today to experience the wonders of energy.