Taking a major step forward to facilitate the mental well-being of their users,  Gympass will now also offer therapy sessions, self-help resources and community support via Healingclouds

At the time when the world is reeling with the effects of a global COVID-19 pandemic, mental health conditions like anxiety and depression are on the rise. For people living with OCD, this feels like their worst fears coming to life.

According to a recent study published in the medical journal medRxiv the initial period of the lockdown has been reported to lead to increased levels of anxiety and depression, with an overall effect of one’s well-being and quality of life.


With a flood of terrible news around, people are also locked within their houses, with little to no access to essential mental health services. Health workers are working longer under extreme pressure and in very stressful situations. The damage from the pandemic, especially in terms of mental wellbeing is pervasive and unimaginable. Times ahead don’t seem easier either and it seems like it will be a long road to recovery and well-being even after the pandemic.

Yet, with access to online therapy and community support, a lot can change. Asim Amin, founder & CEO of Healingclouds, commented,

“With the kind of global mental health crisis we are facing, a collaboration like this will not only facilitate better access to mental healthcare but also help us reimagine fitness to include mental health. It is essential for us to touch as many lives as possible so that therapy is no longer a luxury but a right.”

Given the situation at present and what is anticipated in future, access to quality mental health services becomes all the more relevant. With Gympass and Healingclouds leading the way, people will be able to get the essential support they need during this time.

About Healingclouds

Healingclouds offers online mental wellbeing services with certified and accredited mental health therapists. With a global pool of qualified therapists, the online platform providing expert-led online courses, self-help content and community support at affordable prices. 

About Gympass

Gympass is a discovery platform that empowers companies to engage their workforce in physical activity by providing access to the largest global network of workout facilities.