Our Priorities at Work Place

We all have our own list of priorities in life and when it comes to office employees their list always looks like this.

However, the rat race to achieve these goals has led to the ignorance of an extremely important asset of your life which is your health. Health is broad Health should never be only affiliated with physical wellbeing. It should rather include the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of an individual.

If you can maintain an overall healthy lifestyle along with your professional life, you will not have to struggle too much to achieve such goals and meditation could be on of the best techniques to achieve this lifestyle. Scientific studies have proven that meditation works as efficient as an antidepressant for depression or stress.

list priority list of an employee

It is usually believed that Meditation cannot be practiced at a workplace. Thinking about Meditation at work may make you imagine yourself sitting cross-legged and chanting “Ommmm….” making you look awkward in front of your peers. Most people are convinced that meditating in the office is not possible due to distractions and lack of concentration.

This blog will help you learn to meditate and be present at the same time. For this, you first need to understand what meditation is and how you can practice being mindful in a busy workplace.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is not about putting mental efforts to concentrate on something, it is rather distracting yourself from negative and disturbing thoughts and letting your mind be free from them. It is also not about exercising or listening to specific music, though this may help in establishing a good state of mind. Meditation is rather a state of awareness achieved about self and surrounding without putting any efforts be it mental or physical. Therefore, an individual can be meditating while walking to a meeting or while standing by the copy machine. Below are a few simple techniques to meditate at work.

Drink More Water

Water constitutes 60% of the entire human body and it is important to consume sufficient water to helps us maintain a naturally healthy state. Water is a significant earthly element can calm our senses and strengthen our mental state. This could be a great start to your daily meditation practice, as it will help regulate your body temperature and maintain the orderly function of the organs. You can find numerous reasons why water is an excellent stress reducer. Drinking water also creates a sense of gratitude in your nerves for yourself that you just gifted something healthy to your mind, soul and body. This act of appreciation also is a part of meditation.

Keep Changing your Position

Sitting on the same place and working continuously will make your mind and body feel tired and will lead to an unhealthy state. Keep changing your place after a while and walking a little will help to change this state. You will distract yourself from the troubling thoughts. A small change in your position can bring about huge changes in your mental state.

Stay Grounded

Grounding is defined as simply being connected to earth. This connection can be easily established by putting your feet firmly on the ground wherever you are either standing or sitting. This connection is extremely helpful to reduce stress at work as it allows the earth to absorb all the negative and harmful waves that have blocked clear energy flow in your body leading to an unhealthy state. It also helps to increase the presence of mind as the information you hear or see while you are grounded will not be scattered and rather will be saved in your body; because grounding would have already cleared the blocked areas needing to be occupied by this information and it will improve your abilities in terms of productivity. You may also try a technique for grounding where you can imagine light waves coming from the sky and going deep doing in the center of the earth by passing through your body.

Stay Grounded

Stay Surrounded by Nature

Nature is the best medicine, as we all know, however, very few of us really understand what it means. Surrounding yourself by nature does not mean that you start living in a forest. Surrounded by nature can simply be keeping a small plant on your work desk or standing or sitting near a window where you can breathe in fresh air. You can also use nature’s colors such as Green, Blue or White in the form of a painting or a file or the wallpaper of your computer and phone. This will soothe your eyes and will make your mind feel as if surrounded by nature.

Feel and Spread Positive Emotions

Love, kindness and gratitude are considered the strongest positive emotions. You can practice simple techniques to feel and spread these emotions such as sending a positive text to your loved ones, thanking your colleagues for something they did to you, smile at people around you and hold positive thoughts about everyone in your life. By doing this, you will create an invisible positive energy shield around you which will protect you against negativity eventually leading to a productive self.

You can also book a session for Guided Meditation with our certified holistic health practitioners to learn more about meditation techniques.