In simple words, “pain is a highly unpleasant physical sensation which is caused by an injury or illness.” Pain implies that there is something wrong inside you, some kind of disparity that needs to be brought back to its natural balanced state.

The pain you feel is a messenger, listen to it”- Rumi

Medications and painkillers are often our go-to pain management solution. Approximately 3.3 million Americans consume painkillers without having them prescribed by physicians. As we depend on painkillers, the chemicals in our body adjust to its need. This defeats the purpose of pain management because we feel emotional and physical distress without the painkiller. Do you want to stay enslaved in pain, or find a better way?

Supress Your Pain Vs Heal Your Pain

Painkillers do not heal your pain, they only suppress the sensation of pain to your brain. In simple words, the pain persists but you cannot feel it anymore. It is a sad truth that a huge population in the world is surviving on painkillers for a long time and most of them intend to continue this for the rest of their lives.

Here are some signs that you are indeed happy and not just comfortable with something that you think is making you happy.

  1. you could relieve your pain without causing addiction or any other side effects?
  2. you there was a sustainable solution that empowers you with further insight to your pain?

Top 5 Alternative Ways to Heal Your Pain

Healing Clouds presents 5 complementary therapies for pain management which will help you overcome any kind of pain and painkiller addiction.

  1. Reiki

    A Japanese healing technique for healing various physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual problems through energy medicine.
    Reiki is not new age therapy. It’s actually been around since 1922.A research published in the international journal of behavioral medicine stated that “there is strong evidence in biofield therapies such as Reiki. In general, it will reduce the intensity of pain.”Moderate evidence suggests that these therapies can minimize the intensity of pain for people who are hospitalized or who are suffering from cancer.Reiki can be extremely useful for people suffering from chronic pain, back pain, chemotherapy side effects, and many other types of injuries.

  2. Emotion Code and Body Code

    These two healing modalities are based upon the concept that trapped emotions are the root cause of an imbalance in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.Once these trapped emotions are released, the body and mind start healing itself. Emotion Code and Body Code are specifically known to work best for shoulder pain. These healing modalities are also found to be highly beneficial for the post-cancer treatment.

  3. Clinical Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis):

    Hypnosis is a well-known alternative healing modality often used in combating addiction, self-sabotage, and pregnancy pain .It’s a widely used and efficient complementary therapy that helps you learn to use the power of your own mind to heal yourself.Hypnosis can help reduce acute or chronic pain, pain from burns and even cancer. It is also found extremely useful for people suffering from Arthritis. Hypnosis can also be used as an effective tool for labor pain management.

  4. EFT

    Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple yet highly effective complementary therapy for pain management.The simple EFT tapping techniques are easy to practice by anyone at any time for quick and significant results.
    People suffering from tooth pain, post dental surgery pain, or any other tooth pain related issues can utilize EFT as a tool to relieve themselves in a faster and effective manner.The founder of EFT Gary Craig explains how EFT works magically for various types of pain such as a headache or a migraine, back pain, or even joint pain. Not only the physical pain but also for releasing emotional pain and anxiety, consulting an EFT tapping practitioner can be the best to opt for.

  5. Sports Psychology

    Sports Psychology is a relatively new yet proven to be highly useful complementary therapy for sports injuries.
    The physical injuries, as well as mental imbalances in athletes, significantly differ from other types of injuries and mental health-related issues which is why they need a special type of treatment.Athletes have a unique stress level on and off the playing field, and the injuries are way more severe because they not only impact the physical health of the affected person but also leaves a traumatic impression on their minds, almost similar to a terrible car crash.Sports Psychology is a modality including special tools to heal the physical, mental, and emotional ups and downs athletes might undergo after a sports injury

Learn the Tools to Heal Your Pain

Complementary medicines are certainly not meant to replace the modern medicinal practices.

However, they can be used as a supporting tool to overcome pain and achieve faster results which may last longer than the treatment received only through allopathic medicines.

We at Healing Clouds offer a wide range of complementary healing modalities for pain management and recovery. For more information, write to us or contact our practitioners directly for specific modalities that will best suit your requirements.