An Ocean of Information

The human body contains tons of information not only about its own existence and functionality but also about the creation and evolution of the entire universe. This information is stored in the form of energy and can be extracted in different forms such as waves, particles, heat and many more. Modern science has found out several methods of utilizing this information for research purposes in fields such as biology, archeology, astronomy, physics and many more. But the revolutionary change this information has brought in is healthcare and medicine. One such revolutionary methods introduced is biofeedback.

Biofeedback – Let Your Body Talk to you

The term ‘Biofeedback’ is a combination of two different words- Bio (Body) Feedback (Information). This helps in defining biofeedback as a technique used to extract information about various physiological functions in the human body. This information is not only utilized to achieve greater awareness about the physiological functions in various systems (such as nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system and many more) but also allows us to control and manipulate them willingly for its betterment. It is like talking to your body about a problem, discussing the cause of its malfunction and suggesting it what needs to be done to regulate the activities and regain a healthier state.

Control the Uncontrollable

The human body has two types of functions going on inside it.

  1. Voluntary functions: The functions we can control such as eating, walking, speaking and all other day-to-day activities that involve the muscle-brain coordination. These functions are accompanied by conscious awareness which implies that we know what we are doing or what is happening.
  2. Involuntary functions: These are the functions we cannot control consciously. They may or may not occur with the awareness of the organism performing it. Actions such as breathing, urination, heart beating, digestion, growing of nails and hair, cornea adjusting to light contrast, body temperature, blood pressure and many more come under involuntary functions.

Biofeedback technique focuses on involuntary functions because most of the physical and mental health-related issues occur due to the malfunctioning of various involuntary functions. If we can control them and regulate them, the possibility of attaining a healthy body as well mind become quite high. Biofeedback allows an individual to consciously connect with the involuntary functions and receive information about the extent to which they are different as compared to the involuntary functions in a healthy individual.

How does Biofeedback Work?

Biofeedback technique involves electrical sensors called electrodes which are connected to a monitor. The sensors are attached to your specific parts of the body depending on the issue to be diagnosed. Sensors receive information from that part of the body in the form of electrical signal and convert it into digital signal, which is displayed on the monitor.

It helps one find out how does the body respond to various stimuli. The measurements taken are compared to the expected values and the difference between the expected value and the existing value determines the severity of your problem.

For instance, when you are in a stressed situation, there is a change in your heart rate leading to a change in blood pressure. Hence, we can easily determine if the person is under stress based on their blood pressure. Similarly, tension or anxiety can also be determined by abnormal contraction and fatigue in muscles.

Depending on the health issue or goal of clients, biofeedback practitioners use various techniques such as EEG (electroencephalogram) is used to measure brainwaves for patients suffering from severe headache or migraine, ECG (electrocardiogram) is used to measure heart rate for the patients suffering from cardiac diseases, temperature sensors are used to determine change in the amount of heat in the body which usually happens when the person is in stress and many more.

Concept of Biofeedback

Why Biofeedback is a Boon?

The measurements taken using biofeedback techniques have been proven extremely helpful to derive accurate conclusions about various physical as well as mental disorders. Since it is said that knowing the root cause of a disease is the half cure, biofeedback readings help ensure that the treatments prescribed to the affected person are safe and appropriate as per the requirements.

If you are not yet satisfied with the answers provided by your physician about an issue or illness you are facing, it is the right time to visit a biofeedback practitioner. Here are some Scientifically Proven Benefits of Biofeedback Therapy.

Biofeedback is a boon especially for mental health-related issues because it can quickly detect and conclude the stress level in your mind which enables you to take quick actions for regaining your natural and unstressed state of mind. Modern science has even introduced wearable and handy devices which can quickly determine the changes in your heart rate, blood pressure, muscle contraction and many more functions.

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, anxiety, stress or any such issues, you should  take extra care of how you manage the stress level during extreme situations. Healing Clouds can help you learn various healing techniques to fight with stressed situations to bring out a happier and positive you. All you need is to book a distance healing session and share your issues with our expert holistic health practitioners to get a customized solution only for you.

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