Maybe to the ears and eyes of some, the idea of a God might put them off. Many get triggered by it. Truly it’s just a concept. No different than all the other words we use to describe objects, to portray ideas and to pass on messages. Yet, some feel the pain of being attached to a vibration that was imposed by culture or religion. A vibration that contains the implicit castrating idea of right or wrong. The pain of not bearing that possibility sets them back and pulls them forward in their progress and in their growth. Truly their gut feeling is right. God is not that.

The God that is spoken of here, it’s everything that is. It’s you. It’s me. It’s these words. It’s this web-page. It’s the cat by the door. It’s the music and the musician. It’s the chitchat of the neighbours. It’s the women you hate, and the man you love, all physically manifested to give you the greatest experience of this journey. One that ascends you, that transcend you. One that becomes so hard to explain, yet so simple to live.

God is every single being, every single voice. Every single philosopher, scientist, priest who walks this earth with its feet on grounds made of unconditional love. Those who are brave enough to let go of every single concept keenly live it and experience it as pieces of God in bodies, trusting the destiny that was created for them, through them and by them, and surpassing all their own expectations and they become masters of their own destiny connected to all things.

They become the role models who can never embody the model of love that is yours to embody.

Your own role model is the one that gives you access to your unique vision and experience of walking this earth at the true depth of yourself, a space that is deeper than ego, lower than the deepest scariest point of your soul. Yet, the only place where you find through loving and embracing this experience of reality your true tools.

Maybe you have heard it all before, through someone else’s words.

Yet, for today make this one of those grounds rules that the sooner you grasp the easier will path will be. Do not think there’s a world where your mum makes you feel angry, and your neighbor is an idiot. Understand that there is a world where you making yourself experience all of this to guide you to the spaces you want to go. And by using all of that you want to be non-attached from as a fuel and instead of making decisions about what it is in the moment. Just watch eagerly where that will all take you. Understand that that’s your own will talking to you.

Soon, you will find out that those experiences were not just needed, they were essential.

Soon, you will find out that you were never those experiences. You were the Creator of those experiences. You were the manifesto of those heartbreaking moments, because you had this dream. The dream of being the person who you are right now. The person who stands on their own two feet, with deep roots on the ground, and head way above the colorful distracting clouds, seeing the world through the divine eyes of spirit and walking this Earth with purpose.

And, when the penny drops – which it will – you will experience the holy grail you were seeking the embodiment of the understanding that being you was your unique dream. You will embody the understand that you are your very own spiritual project. And this is what fixes all of your inner problems, allows you to find peace in the experience of it all, and moves you to a new state of life, the one you ask yourself, “What do I do with all myself now? Do I want to trust the ever flowing river of life and live out my own destiny”

Not the avoidance of parts of ourselves that the analytical mind coldly calls detachment, but the unconditional love that leads you to have the experience of a spirit embodied experiencing all the joys of physical, geographical, and material movement. So for today make your own true mantra, “I am so unattached to my self that I give my self permission to wash away the attachment to all concepts I’ve created.”

And by doing this you tell your mind that you are ready to live out of the cocoon of protectiveness of the analytical mind. You start using it for what it was made for, beyond

the emotional, physical and spiritual avoidance. You use it to communicate in simple terms what you want and receive what you’ve created through the experience of life grasping it tightly with your two hands. Embracing the fury of the angry hurricane in a loving embrace. Turning those days of mental enslavement into a tropical paradise of  spiritual adventures with the grace of a body, a mind, a soul and an ego eternally at your service.

Then you can live unattached from concepts and free to express all of them in the order that suits you the most, the order that will give you what you’ve been asking for. The order that is beyond the analytical mind, yet in tune with all that you are. The adventures you sought when you decided to jump into that body of yours, the one that is perfectly created to provide you with the best adventures, with or without the use of the word God.