What is Aura?

A human being is considered the most complex organism because of the physical structure it carries and the functions each of its organs performs. This is the reason why most of the times you are asked to go through specific medical tests for an accurate diagnosis and analysis of the condition or illnesses that you may have. However, the disturbing fact is that despite going through several tests, sometimes the core issue is not identified. While in certain cases, even if the issue is diagnosed, there is no long-lasting or guaranteed cure offered for it because the medication and treatment given for any illness do not really cure it. It instead puts the problem in a sleep mode, which could be awakened anytime by an external trigger.

Holistic healing has a rather different approach. It states that the human body is more than just a physical mass. It has an energy body which controls everything including the physical body and its functions. A minute change in the natural pattern of this energy body can create drastic changes in the physical body The energy body is nothing but an electromagnetic field surrounding our physical body and hence cannot be seen through naked eyes. This field is an emanation of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies and is precisely called the ‘Aura’.

An aura for the human body is as useful as the Ozone layer is for planet Earth. It is a link between past, present and future through aura it keeps us connected to the spiritual and natural world. This can be cross-examined by the fact that an overall healthy person has a bright and non-depleted aura which does not allow negative energy waves to enter in the physical body and absorbs the universal life energy resulting in an optimistic and happy personality. The Speaking Tree talks about the Scientific Evidence of Human Aura in an excellent manner. There are 7 different layers of an aura corresponding to each Chakra and each vibrating at its own frequency.

The Etheric Level or Etheric Body

This is the first level of an aura and lies closest to the physical body. It corresponds to the Root Chakra and creates a connection between our physical body and the other 6 layers. Since it is closest to the physical body, it stores every minute information about bones, muscles, tissues and all other parts and their functions. This level of aura is stronger in athletes as it keeps them active. It also has the information about diseases that may appear in physical body later as it shares a deep connection with our immune system. It is bluish grey in color.

The Emotional Level

This is the second level from the physical body and holds all the information about your feelings and emotions. It is usually as colorful as a rainbow but becomes muddied and dark during the moments of stress, tension or any other negative emotion. Any such change in emotional layer negatively affects the first and the third layer. Therefore, an emotional change modifies the emotional level, which in turn affects the etheric level ending up with physical issues and illnesses. Emotional body level also contains information about your fears and phobias and is connected with the sacral chakra.

The Mental Level

The third level from the physical body is the mental level which corresponds to the solar plexus chakra. It holds information about your thoughts, ideologies, beliefs, and cognitive process. It is bright Yellow in color and is strongest in creative people. It has the brightest radiation around head, shoulder, and neck when one is focusing and working on a creative idea or mental task. A bright and depletion free mental body shows that the person is mentally strong, firm, creative and consistent.

Astral level

It is one of the most important layers as it is a bridge that connects the three higher and three lower layers of your aura. It has Rosy Pink color and is connected to the heart chakra. Astral body level is also called a gateway to the Astral world which is the world believed to be populated by spirits, angels and immaterial beings. It has a strong affiliation with our feelings and relationships with others. Compassion and deep loving feelings result in a healthy astral body while negative emotions towards others such as hatred, envy, and jealousy affect astral body negatively and may lead to physical issues and illnesses.

Etheric Template Level

The etheric template layer is the fifth from the physical body and it is connected to the throat chakra. Therefore, it is an indicator of your sound, vibrations, communication, truth, and your overall personality. Etheric template body is called the blueprint of your physical body and therefore physical issues and illnesses can be deeply healed at this level. This level of aura can be strengthened by knowing the truth about yourself expressing your true self to the world. Music is often used to heal and activate this level as it has a connection with the throat chakra. It does not have a fixed color and varies with people.

Celestial Level

The sixth layer is known as the Celestial body level. It is connected to the third eye chakra and is pearly White in color which indicates a relationship with God. The celestial level is very strong and powerful and a person with an active celestial body is believed to be able to establish a connection with the divine world of spirits, angels. Such people are also said to be able to receive messages and infinite healing energy from the divine world. Since the celestial body level corresponds to the third eye chakra, it can generate intuitive powers, psychic abilities, vision and infinite wisdom in an individual. It is also quite helpful in balancing and finding your purpose in life. This level requires unconditional love and extreme practices to be healed and activated.

Katheric Template

Katherin template level is the farthest level from the physical body which corresponds to the seventh chakra- the crown chakra. It contains all the information and experiences of your past lives and your soul. It has the highest vibrating frequency and has a Golden color of radiation. It can bring consciousness about the divine and the entire universe creating the feeling of oneness and limiting the concept of ego. It is said to be egg-shaped but since it requires extreme practices and focus, it is rarely found in people and is not visible to most of the healers.


You can deeply heal your mental and physical health-related issues by taking a holistic approach for them. You must believe in the energy that owns the immense healing power and you must be open to receiving it. An unhealthy aura field is a clear indication of an unhealthy state of mind, body, and soul.  It tells a lot about the root cause of your problems be it mental, physical, spiritual or emotional. Being aware of the cause increases the probability of receiving a deeper healing.

You can bring about a visible and positive change in your life by working on your Aura which requires accurate guidance. At Healing Clouds, you will find a number of certified holistic health practitioners such as Reiki practitioners and Pranic Healing practitioners who can help you save your body’s ozone layer and repair it with all the love and care.