What is Reiki?

I have many Reiki practitioner friends, so when I meet people who don’t know Reiki, I’m really surprised. In 1980s, or 1990s, when I was in Japan, I was practicing Healing with energy from hands. I was told by my mentors that there is healing energy in our hands. They told me, “Do it! Feel it!” And… I felt it! So we applied the energy to each other and healed any pain or a cold. It was not called Reiki. The energy is not called Reiki till we get Reiki Attunement.  Back then, Reiki was not so popular, well, if I see Reiki sign, it is a hand written sign saying Reiki. (In Katakana. Not even in Kanji, which is Chinese character.) Since WWII, Reiki was banned in Japan, so Reiki was not spread in Japan. I, myself learned Reiki in Germany in 2010.

Reiki consists of two Chinese characters.

Rei : Divine. Spirit. Soul.

Ki : Chi or Qi. Energy

So it means “Spiritually –guided Life force energy.” Reiki is a form of hands-on (could be done hands-off.) Reiki Masters are attuned to this energy by attunements. (Recently some Reiki teachers use Ignition to place Reiki energy to students. This is like Meditation.) You may not believe it, but once you get Reiki from this attunement, “SWITCH ON!” you are a Reiki practitioner.


Now what can Reiki help?

This is what all of us need. Reiki lowers our stress level. Many clients feel relaxed after one Reiki session. They say they can sleep well afterwards. Circulation becomes better and the body feels warm. Once stress is gone, our immune system starts to work right. I don’t catch a severe cold. I don’t get a flu shot. Even if I catch a cold, it is light or it passes in a few hours if I do self-treatment.  It also relieves headaches or pain like shoulders, knees or back pain. I have Fibromyalgia and since I learned Reiki, I applied Reiki almost every day and I don’t have the severe pain anymore. There’s one thing I have tell you. Since I started to practice Reiki, I was moved to the place where I am supposed to be and I started to meet people who help me or give me the information that I need. My life started to be better little by little. Trust me! Reiki will guide you through your life.

Also Reiki helps you with mental and emotional conditions, such as anxiety, phobias and PTSD. Many of you know that we live with some traumas from our childhood as our parents expected us to live in a life in their favorite way. The easiest examples are, “Don’t cry because you are a boy! Be strong!” or “Be quiet because you are a girl!”

It is used to support pregnancy, aging, death and recovery from surgery. And it reduces impacts from treatments like chemotherapy, steroids, dialysis and so on. I currently volunteer at St. John’s Hospital, Oxnard CA since some hospitals offer Reiki for patients. Reiki can do all these things. And Reiki can be sent from any distance. We are trained to send Reiki to people, friends or family far away. I send Reiki to my family in Japan as well as my daughter who lives by herself in St. Louis, MO. I send it to my daughter before her exams or before she has a swim meet. With distance Reiki, we can work on emotional pain from the past, any past life issues, clearing space and even Ghost, Spirit or Ancestors! All of us live with physical memory (DNA memory), emotional memory and spiritual memory (Including memory form our past life which we usually don’t recognize. Some people do.) We can send Reiki to our future and our past.

We can use reiki for everything! “Well, how do you know?” Well, I don’t know! Reiki only knows! Reiki works for the Divine order or for the highest good. That means Reiki never harms you. It is like praying. You don’t worry when you pray. Praying is offering the Divine or Universal Energy your good intention. It is very natural.  There’s no side effect. Maybe your situation doesn’t get better after one Reiki session. It is true, sometimes it doesn’t work, especially when you still have something to learn from the pain or the situation that you are in. Putting your thinking mind aside, surrender to Reiki energy!