Magic and Science

Centuries have passed and we have made such a significant and rapid progress that everything which was once magical, miraculous and impossible is now science. The concepts used in movies and novels we once had called fiction are now known as technology and technology will keep on advancing because of an ultimate connection between magic and science.

It is fact that we are yet to completely discover the universe we live in. But have we discovered the universe that lives within us? Perhaps no. There’s a lot more to come ahead.

It took us a very long time to understand that we are much more than just well-organized pieces of flesh. Scientists went deeper and deeper and discovered the units of human existence such as atoms, cells, genes, sub-atomic particles and finally quarks. These gradual discoveries have taught us one important thing that no one can conclude the path leading to the finale of this entire series of discoveries. We will keep on finding what we keep on searching for. But there is one thing for sure as Albert Einstein said, “Everything is Energy”. So eventually we will all end up with energy. The concepts over which the holistic healthcare techniques are based seem quite close to this idea.

Holistic healers believe that there’s always an energy associated with each of us and we are unaware of it. To some people, the concept of holistic and energy healing sounds unscientific or may be illogical. However, here are four of our most favorite Hollywood movies where this concept is used in an extremely fantastic way.

  • JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series

It’s a fact that Harry Potter series is purely fictional. However, it cannot be denied that the concepts used in its movies such as flying car, moving staircases, invisibility cloak and moving pictures in the newspaper are no longer magical to us. Instead, they are called gadgets or technology today. But there’s something in the movie which would remain the same forever. We all remember the magical words “Expecto Patronum”, the defensive charm used against dementors. Considering dementors to be our worst memories or experiences, a Patronus charm is nothing but our good and strong memories which transform into an extremely energetic figure (Which is subjective) and protect us every time we are surrounded by dark energy. This concept extremely resembles with the technique used in most of the healing modalities, where practitioners use your good memories as a weapon to heal the bad ones.

  • Inception

Inception was one of the best Sci-fi genre featuring the talented actor Leonardo Dicaprio. Even though a few people agreed that they had to watch this movie more than once to understand what actually was happening, no one can deny that the concept and special effects used were extremely fantastic. The movie focuses on dreaming and extracting valuable information by infiltrating subconscious. This may sound complicated but in simple terms, it can be described as talking and walking with yours and someone else’s inner self in a dream world which is also called as dream telepathy.

The movie says that essential information can be obtained simply by reaching to our subconscious and connecting it with someone else’s. This concept closely resembles the “Yoga Nidra” and “Co-Meditation” techniques. The only difference is that one does not have to rob a bank or attack a businessman’s son here. You just need to talk to yourself and with the inner self of your partner to get all the answers you desire in your life.

  • Men in Black- 3

The MIB franchise basically talks about aliens. There is a special alien named Griffin in the third part of MIB who can see all possible future timelines and outcomes (multidimensional world) and if the agents find him (this is important if you have seen the movie) then he gives them something to save the entire planet. He can also make you see future.

This concept resembles the healing technique used in “Angel therapy”. If we consider the word ‘Alien’ in general, it means a foreigner or extra-terrestrial creature and so is an angel considered to be. Angel therapy practitioners help people to get them connected to their angels who can not only help one see the future events but also may help to figure out what needs to be done to prevent it. However, it is important that one believes in them and tries to find them. Exactly the way Griffin says in the movie, “I will give you the Arcnet if you find me”.

  • Doctor Strange

Nick Fury’s Marvel Universe has yielded many amazing characters. Doctor Stephen Strange performed by Benedict Cumberbatch is one of them and he seems to be much influenced by Energy Healing concept. According to the movie He goes to Kamar-Taj for the treatment of his severely injured hand. During the treatment, He gets to know about the astral plane or the astral world. His injuries quickly start healing and He also learns many other techniques. This concept resembles Esoteric Healing introduced by Alice Bailey.

To some people, Energy Healing Therapies might look like Magic being performed on the stage by a magician. However, a wise man once said, “Magic is the science not yet understood”. The American Holistic Health Association explains the science behind holistic therapies amazingly in their article Traditional Healing Meets Modern Science.

We, at Healing Clouds are striving to spread this magic throughout the world so that everyone who wishes to heal themselves deeply, can take its benefits. Find out more on how Healing Clouds works to help you get a step closer to your overall well-being.